Between Wagner R. Freer Chan, hereinafter “Wagner R. Freer Chan”, “we”, or “MERCHANT”, and the “User”, “Customer”, “You”, or “Visitor”.

Please read the details of the following terms and conditions carefully.

By accessing and/or using the wespeakspanish-cr.com website (the “Website”) you (the “User”) acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted without limitation or qualification these terms and conditions, and your use of the Website indicates your acceptance as a User of the following terms of use. If you disagree with the terms and conditions, do not access or continue to use the Website.

Return and Refund Policies
All returns of goods and refunds must be requested by the User within a maximum of {tiempoMaximo10} calendar days from the invoice date.

Reasons For Refund

1. The purchased product is out of stock and it is impossible to deliver another product of similar characteristics at the same or higher price.
2. The delivery time exceeds {tiempoMaximo10} working days from the date of purchase without the customer receiving the product.
3. The product was lost by the courier service.
4. If the customer has paid an incorrect amount, a refund will apply for the difference in the amount paid.
5. The product received has arrived in an unsolicited color or size, wet, smelly, or worn, damaging its condition from new.

Due to the different scenarios that may occur in online shopping, all cases not covered by these policies will be reviewed and processed individually by customer service agents.


The customer who wishes to request a refund must write to the email address stipulated in “Contact and Notifications” and provide the following information:

1. Invoice number. (Sent by email upon completion of payment):
2. Description of the item and/or order.
3. Reason for requesting a refund.
4. Method of payment with which the purchase was made.

If it is necessary to send the order to the MERCHANT, the conditions of the order must be evaluated before proceeding with a possible refund.
Once the receipt of the refund request has been confirmed, it will be reviewed. Receipt of the request does not imply authorization of the refund.
The refund request will be analyzed, and the customer will be notified, both in cases of proceeding and in those cases where the claim is declined, together with the corresponding reasons.

Depending on the case, the shipping costs for the return of the order may be borne by the customer.

Times: The estimated processing time for a refund, once authorized, is 5-10 working days, the crediting of funds in the case of card payments will depend on the processing times of your issuing bank.


Shipping Policies

These Policies are valid for the Website, and it is understood that at the time of purchasing any of our
products or services the customer accepts the terms, conditions and delivery policies specified below.
1. RECEIPT OF GOODS: It is an essential condition that at the time of receipt of the goods, any incident
that may occur in the state of the goods or the packaging must be indicated on the delivery note that is
signed to the carrier, and the MERCHANT customer service team must be informed of said incident by
e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in the “Contact and Notifications” section within a maximum
period of 12 hours from receipt of the package. If the package shows significant damage which could
have caused the product to be damaged, it must be rejected and the MERCHANT must be notified
2. RETURN OF GOODS The customer will have a period of no more than 12 hours from receipt of the
product to send to The MERCHANT any claim in relation to the product supplied. After this period the
products will be considered as compliant by the customer. The claim must be made via the e-mail
address stipulated in the “Contact and Notifications” section. The Store is not responsible and
reserves the right to refuse possible returns in case of goods in poor condition due to improper use or
transport damage by the USER. The shipping costs for the return of ONE order shall be borne by the
3.- DELIVERY SCHEDULES: The schedules for managing your purchase through the Website are Lunes
a Viernes from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm, understanding that this process involves the reception of the
order in the system, verification of payment, request for dispatch in the warehouse, invoicing,
packaging, creation of the waybill and delivery. The Merchant makes deliveries in accordance with the
operating and delivery schedules established by the companies in charge of the delivery service. The
customer accepts that he/she must have a person to receive his/her purchase at the delivery address
provided. The customer accepts that if their purchase order has been registered outside the hours of
receipt of purchases, it will be shipped in the next immediately available time range.
IMPORTANT: Purchase orders placed online after hours or on national holidays will be processed on
the next immediately following business day.
Service Policy
These Policies are valid for the The MERCHANT Website and it is understood that when purchasing any
of our products or services the customer accepts the service policies specified below.
1.- RECEPTION OF THE SERVICE: Once the service has been sent and processed through our website,
we will accept cancellations of any purchase order within 12 hours of the order being placed, as long as
we have not proceeded with the invoicing and provision of the service. In this case, the customer must
request a refund or cancellation of the payment, in order to proceed with the refund, using the payment
method used to make the same, or the one agreed with The MERCHANT, provided that it complies with
the conditions explained above. To cancel your purchase order or any of the services of the same, the
customer must contact us through the Customer Service Centre, at the email address indicated in the
“Contact and Notifications” section of this contract.

General Policy
1.- PAYMENT: The customer agrees to pay / settle / cancel the purchase order placed via the Website
in full. The type of payment will be selected at check out, and options may include payment by credit
card, Transfer (SINPE; SWIFT) and/or PayPal.
2.- ORDER POLICIES: The customer must provide full details of the recipient’s address. The
MERCHANT reserves the right not to deliver information to the customer in case he/she has provided
partial or misleading information about his/her identity.
DELIVERY POLICIES: The MERCHANT delivers nationally and internationally, subject to the availability

of delivery determined by The MERCHANT, applying restrictions related to the location provided by the
customer that makes delivery difficult or impossible. The customer is obliged to provide the necessary
information of the recipient to effect the delivery of the ordered product(s). Any error or lack of
information in this regard shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. The estimated delivery time
will depend on the service contracted and the place of delivery.
4.- CANCELLATIONS: Once the Purchase Order has been sent and processed through our website,
cancellations of any purchase order will be accepted within 12 hours of being requested, as long as the
billing and dispatch of the same has not been carried out. In this case, the customer must request a
refund or cancellation of the payment through the Customer Service, using the means of contact in the
“Contact and Notifications” section.
5.- LIMITATION AND LIABILITY: Use of online banking without the owner’s authorization or credentials.
We are not responsible for purchases made using credit cards without prior authorization from the
owner or for the use of stolen credentials; it being understood that the person making the purchase is
fully authorized to carry out the transaction and that, therefore, we cannot refuse to process it.
Conducting transactions over the internet without the prior consent of the owner constitutes fraud
which is punishable by applicable law.
We do not accept, under any circumstances, any payment not acknowledged by the customer due to
lack of knowledge of the method of payment or disagreement with delivery. The fact of establishing a
claim with the bank, not knowing your purchase, implies a suspicion of potential fraud, so that with the
information of the order, signature of receipt of the order by the recipient, will have sufficient evidence
to support the claim to be filed. It is therefore of vital importance that the customer always contacts us
to clarify any point.
6.- CONSUMER PROTECTION: We are committed to abide by the provisions of the Consumer
Protection and Defense Law and the guidelines regarding Privacy Policy.
7.- NOT FORESEEABLE: Any situation not foreseen in these policies will be resolved by our Customer
Service. At all times will be verified under the philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction,
compliance with our agreements, with the understanding that there will be external agents to us that
will prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.
8.- INFORMATION SECURITY: The transfer of personal data and the integrity of the Website is protected
by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology as a secure channel in the transactions you
9. AVAILABILITY AND PRICES: Prices are expressed in US Dollar USD 840. They may also be subject to
change without prior notice. The MERCHANT ensures the availability of the products and services
shown on the website. Should a situation of unavailability arise, The MERCHANT will promptly inform
its customers, via email, of this situation beyond our control, indicating the reason why the service
cannot be delivered within the estimated delivery time.
10. CONFIDENTIALITY: The data provided by the User will be considered confidential and of limited use
by the Website, according to the terms and conditions herein.
However, The MERCHANT may share or transfer the data provided by the User with companies related
to The MERCHANT and/or third parties, in order to perform its obligations and offer its services to the
The MERCHANT may disclose such information in the following cases: (a) if required by a judicial or
administrative authority; (b) if necessary in order to exercise its rights under the Terms and Conditions;
(c) if such data is useful for the protection of the rights of third parties; and/or (d) when useful for the
protection of the rights, property or safety of The MERCHANT, persons related to it, employees, Users
or the general public.
Intellectual and industrial property
a) The Website and its contents, including designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, source code,
images, videos, and data compilations, as well as the software, trade names, trademarks, works,

illustrations, photographs or industrial drawings and any other signs susceptible of industrial and
commercial use (i) are the property and ownership of The MERCHANT and/or third party owners of the
same who have duly authorized their inclusion on the Website and (ii) are protected by national and
international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.
b) Under no circumstances shall it be understood that The MERCHANT grants any license or waives,
transmits, totally or partially transfers said rights, nor does it confer any right or expectation of rights,
and in particular, of alteration, transformation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public
communication of said content without the prior express and written authorization of The MERCHANT
from the corresponding owners.
c) The graphic materials, logos, page headers, advertising phrases, button icons, written text and
service names that are the property of The MERCHANT may not be used in connection with any
product or service that may cause confusion among customers or users and in any manner that
discredits The MERCHANT.
d) Other trademarks not owned by The MERCHANT that appear on this Website belong to their
respective owners, as The MERCHANT respects the intellectual property of others.
e) No product, image or sound may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited or exploited
for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of The MERCHANT, likewise all
information contained in this website is exclusively for the personal use of the customer or user and it
may not be copied, modified, reproduced, in whole or in part, sold, published or distributed for
commercial purposes or otherwise. It is not permitted to use this website to promote for any
commercial purpose, including any advertising or revenue generating activity on websites other than
this one.
User Obligations
In general, Users must always act in accordance with the law, good customs and the requirements of
good faith, using due diligence and refraining from using the Website in any way that may impede,
damage or deteriorate the normal operation of the Website, the property or rights of The MERCHANT,
its suppliers, other users or any third party in general.
Specifically, and without this implying any restriction to the previous section, during the use of the
Website, the User is obliged to:
a) Provide truthful information about the data requested on the order form.
b) Not to enter, store or disseminate on or from the Website any information or material that is
diffamatori, offensive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incites violence, discrimination on grounds of
race, sex, ideology, religion or that in any way violates morality, public order, fundamental rights, public
freedoms, honour, privacy or the image of third parties and, in general, current legislation.
c) Not to introduce, store or disseminate through the Website any program, data, virus, code or any
other electronic or physical device that may cause damage to the Website, to any of the services, or to
any of the equipment, systems or networks of The MERCHANT, of any other user, of the suppliers of
The MERCHANT or, in general, to any third party.
d) Not to carry out advertising or commercial exploitation activities through the Website, and not to
use its contents and information to send advertising, or to send messages for any other commercial
purpose, or to collect or store personal data of third parties.
e) Not to use false identities, nor to impersonate the identity of others in the use of the Website or in
the use of any of its services, including the use of passwords or access codes of third parties or in any
other way.


f) Not to destroy, alter, use for any other purpose, render useless or damage the data, information,
programs or electronic documents of The MERCHANT, our suppliers or third parties.
g) Not to introduce, store or disseminate through the Website any content that infringes the intellectual
or industrial property rights or business secrets of third parties, or in general any content of which it
does not hold, in accordance with the law, the right to make it available to third parties.
Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
The conditions of use of the Website are subject to the legislation of Costa Rica and any disputes
arising from the same shall be resolved before the Courts and Tribunals of Costa Rica, which shall have
sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any other forum.
Contact and Notifications
a) Notifications to The MERCHANT:
For any questions or incidents with the use of the Website, or a purchase you should contact:
By telephone: (506) 70768283
By email: wfreer@wespeakspanish-cr.com
By post: Dirección 1: Tres Rios
Dirección 2: Hacienda Imperial
Ciudad: Cartago
Estado / Provincia: Cartago
Código Postal: 30301
, Costa Rica.
A notification, or any other type of communication to The MERCHANT will only be considered to have
been validly sent when it is sent to the above email address.
b) Notifications to the User:
A notification, or any other type of communication, made to the User, shall be considered to have been
validly sent when it is addressed to a virtual address that has been provided by the User or from which
the User operates.