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Welcome to the weekly news section in Spanish from BBC Mundo, which is part of the BBC’s service for the Spanish-speaking world. We appreciate BBC Mundo’s commitment to delivering original journalism that goes beyond just the news.

Their coverage provides audiences with valuable information, context, analysis, and diverse perspectives on the most significant and compelling stories from around the globe.

The BBC’s longstanding values of impartiality, balance, and independence are evident in its reporting. This section features two types of news: GENERAL NEWS and NEWS or CURIOSITIES related to the Spanish language.

Part of learning a language is developing different skills, and listening is one of them. We encourage our students to listen to audio in Spanish even though they often don’t understand. The repetition process will allow the brain to begin to recognize sounds that it will associate with learning and identifying words.

We would suggest you listen to the audio every day. These audios have the advantage of adjusting the speed. You can choose the video speed if you need to hear more slowly.

To change the audio speed, you must go to the configuration part shown in the video and access the speed option. Later you can choose to increase or decrease the speed. Also, you can activate the subtitles in case you want to follow the audio with the subtitles.

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