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You live in Costa Rica and are unsure if you need to learn Spanish

This is the most common question among Expats residing here. There are several answers, but I want to use my students’ answers about if you need to study Spanish.

Some foreigners believe they can live in Costa Rica without speaking Spanish, but many others agree that learning and speaking Spanish is very important. Many expats decide to retire and live in Costa Rica forever; others are here for work reasons. They all say that speaking Spanish has made their lifestyle more accessible. They all want to learn the language and our culture and enjoy every moment they can speak Spanish.

If you agree with the answer, I would like to invite you to participate in my Introductory Spanish class. I have dedicated myself to developing a methodology for my students to communicate efficiently, quickly, and effectively.

It is how my five-finger system for learning Spanish was born. From the first day of classes, the student will use this methodology to learn how to make Spanish sentences.

Students will learn how to use the system step by step, using the 77 most important verbs and vocabulary related to everyday situations. At the end of the first block of classes, students will communicate in the present, past, and future, building sentences and conversations and asking and responding effectively.

In recent years, many students have been able to learn Spanish using this system. Today, I want to invite you to join this thriving group of people who have allowed themselves to learn Spanish differently.

I invite you to attend my introductory Spanish Class

I want to teach you how you can make sentences in Spanish

  • When is the Introductory Class?

    Saturday, June 15, 2024

    From 10:30 am to 12:15 pm

  • What is the duration of this session?

    2 hours class (1 hour and 45 minutes real-time)

  • How can I book this session?

    You need to fill out the form next with the information we require, and you will receive an email with the details.

  • Is the Class face to face or online?

    The class is in person  at our location in Atenas

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