We returned to FACE-to-FACE classes!

March 5, 2020, was a date that marked the history of families and companies with the appearance of the first case of COVID-19 in Costa Rica. At that time, we had to close our facilities and teach classes only online. In March 2023, three years after closing our school, we returned to our in-person model again.

In this new stage of our language school, we decided to implement the opening of several offices/schools. We started our new plan with in-person classes in Santa Ana at Republic Workspace in Santa Ana Town Center. A few months later, we continued with another office in San Pedro, later Sabana and Atenas, and by the beginning of 2024, we will be opening in Golfito. In 2024, we will open more new offices to offer our students more possibilities to attend our class programs.

Spanish Classes for Expats in Santa Ana

March 2023

November 2023

November 2023

We invite you to review our current or new programs at the following link: Currents and New Groups

Thank you in advance for your support; we invite you to return together to the normality we enjoyed before the crisis. Today we are part of a new preset, willing to enjoy it to the fullest.

Welcome to our face-to-face program at WE SPEAK SPANISH!

What is included at our face-to-face Spanish Program?

  • Spanish Levels

    We will open classes for all the Spanish levels – Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced -. The student should complete a test to place at the Spanish level. Check your level

  • Students per Group

    Every group will have a maximum eight students per class. That allow the teacher and student to have a good interaction during the class.

  • Monthly program

    Every program will be monthly. The student will pay a four weeks program. At the end of the program the student should pay the next month and continue with the program.

  • Total hours per month

    The student will take 16 hours classes per month. It will be two sessions per week for four weeks. The duration of every session will be 2 hours class – 1 hour and 45 minutes real time -.

  • Documents for the class

    Students will receive the documents, materials, pdf, etc., which we will use for the classes. Everything is included in the program. Just need to bring your notebook, tablet, or personal computer.

  • Additional benefits

    Depending the location, the student chose will receive additional benefits like free parking, internet, space to rest, coffee or tea, etc. Check this benefits at every program,

  • $200.oo
    per month
  • 16 hours face-to-face classes
  • Book/materials for classes
  • PDF documents for classes
  • Tracking Duolingo
  • Spanish level Test & Interview
  • Regular Price: $ 240.00
  • $360.oo
    per month
  • 16 hours face-to-face classes
  • Book/materials for classes
  • PDF documents for classes
  • Tracking Duolingo
  • Spanish level Test and Interview
  • Regular Price: $480.00
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