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We Speak Spanish joins the effort of The Expat Community to create the largest community of expatriates in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal.

As part of our support for this beautiful community of expatriates, we will have a weekly live Spanish session that is completely free and specially prepared so that our expatriate friends can enter the world of learning Spanish.

We will have this session every Friday in the following schedule:

🇨🇷 Costa Rica (GMT-6): 1:30 pm
🇵🇦 Panama (GMT-5): 2:30 pm
🇲🇽 Mexico (GMT-6): 1:30 pm
🇪🇸 Spain (GMT+2): 9:30 pm
🇵🇹 Portugal (GMT+1): 8:30 pm
🇳🇮 Nicaragua (GMT-6): 1:30 pm

Enjoy the classes and also share this information with your friends; they will enjoy also the sessions.

Each week, we will have six guests participating in our live session. Do you want to be one of our guests? We invite you to register and will send you the instructions to your email.

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    Live #1: Wed, Oct 4, 2023

    Live #2: Wed, Oct 11, 2023

    Live #3: Wed, Oct 18, 2023

    Live #4: Wed, Oct 25, 2023

    Live #5 Wed, Nov 01, 2023

    Live #6 Wed, Nov 08, 2023

    Live #7 Fri, April 05, 2024

    Live #8 Fri, April 12, 2024

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