Welcome to our School – Policies and Conditions

It is an honor for us that you want to be part of the WE SPEAK SPANISH family or that you are already part of it.

Below, you will find some conditions and policies necessary to meet your expectations and, thus, appropriately achieve the study objectives.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. About the payment


Your program must be paid before or on the first day of classes; otherwise, you will lose the discount on the price or the particular conditions.

Payment methods:

Pay via wire transfer or deposit is preferable. Here you can find our banking information. Please bring the transfer copy on the first day of your class or send it to our WhatsApp (506) 7076-8283. Also, you can pay with your debit or credit card through the BAC SJ payment platform.


    • Beneficiary Account: 703593947 (savings $)
    • IBAN: CR48010200007035939472
    • ID Number: 1-0875-0700
    • Beneficiary Name: Wagner R. Freer Chan


    • Beneficiary Account: 200-02-080-520577-1
    • IBAN: CR60015108020025205774
    • ID Number: 1-0875-0700
    • Beneficiary Name: Wagner R. Freer Chan

2. About the cancellation of classes

Group and Private Classes single students

On the first day of classes or the day the program is renewed, the student must notify the school if any situation affects their attendance during the month of classes. Otherwise, if you need to cancel a class, you must follow the instructions:

    • The student must communicate about the class cancellation 8 hours before the class starts. The session must be considered attended if you cancel in less than 8 hours.
    • If the student fails to communicate about your absence from a class or classes, the session will be marked as attended. This policy is in place to ensure that the students are aware of the importance of timely communication.
    • If the student appropriately cancels their session, the session will be rescheduled within the regular program; however, each student will have a cancellation limit according to their study program:
      • Program 4 monthly sessions: you can cancel one session per month
      • Program 8 monthly sessions: you can cancel two sessions a month
      • Program 12 monthly sessions: you can cancel three sessions a month.
    • If the student must cancel more sessions than those allowed in the study program, there will be no problem; however, these additional sessions will be considered attended.
    • If the school or the teacher needs to cancel or change a day of classes, the students will not miss the respective session. The School and the students will reach an agreement to recover the session or continue the program without this affecting it.

Couple students

Couples who study together, whether in a group or privately, have a special price; therefore, the following considerations will apply.

    • Students must take the class in the same group, on the same day, and at the same time as their partner.
    • If either of them misses class, it will be recorded as if they both attended it.
    • If you need to cancel, you must follow the instructions provided in point 2 of this document.

3. How or where to inform about the cancellation of my session

If you need to cancel your class or classes, please text Wagner at WhatsApp +506 7076-8283. If you send the communication to your teacher, the justification will not be valid.

4. About the renewal of your Spanish Program

Each study program is automatically and immediately renewed when students take the last session unless we have notification of the program’s NON-renewal.

Otherwise, the student must pay the total amount for their new class program, additionally paying attention to the class cancellations section.

5. About the control of attendance

We suggest our students manage their courses according to the number of days per month. We have our attendance control; however, you must follow the same rule.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with Wagner at wfreer@wespeakspanish-cr.com

Thanks for your understanding,

Wagner R. Freer Ch. 

Director and Spanish Teacher

Policies upgraded on: March 28, 2024

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